Dr Richard Lawson was born in Hayling Island, Hampshire, UK in 1946, qualified in medicine (Westminster Hospital) in 1969, and travelled overland around the world in 1971-2 (sadly without crossing the Equator - bit of an error there).


After seven years of hospital psychiatry he transferred to general practice.He is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and has been in general medical practice in Congresbury, North Somerset since 1979, retiring to go part time in Autumn 2006. Medical interests include social and preventive medicine, demand management, psychotherapy (cutting ties and PTSD desensitisation), clinical ecology, acupuncture, hypnosis and manipulation. Many letters have been pyublished in national papers, and he has had occasional articles in the medical press, including the BMJ.

He has been a UK Green Party member since about 1975, holding various national offices including Co-Speaker (one of two principal spokespersons for the national party) in the 1992 General Election. He was elected to the then Woodspring District Council in 1986, retiring after six years' service. Received nearly 25% of the vote in the 1985(?) European election - one of the highest ever Green votes in Europe, but was denied representation by the profoundly undemocratic UK electoral system. Wrote Green Politics in a Nutshell that sold out in green party circles. He held the post of Health Speaker for the Green Party until 1999. He contributed an Overview to the first International Journal of Green Economics. He is a strong protagonist n the current debate in green circles about carbon offsetting, being very much in favour of ecologically and socially sensitive planting policies.

Married, with three children, he enjoys gardening, cycling, and treework, and has in the past indulged in roller hockey, windsurfing, sand yachting and scuba diving and hangliding, but not all at the same time. He plays the flute, writes poems, short stories and songs.

He has a number of inventions, chiefly a double film, flexible aerofoil sail which he has been developing steadily for a number of years. It performs with great promise in high winds, and is ready for commercial adoption by a sailmaker for to low wind speeds. He is at present involved with a promising energy saving project.

He is also the author of a web based medical symptom assessment service (although this is currently out of action due to technical difficulties with the wizard that drives it).

He is a Quaker and a member/supporter of Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Campaign Against the Arms Trade Sustrans, Survival International, Charter 88, Intermediate Technology, Shelter, Amnesty International, MEDACT, Medical Foundation for Victims of Torture, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, New Economics Foundation, Medical and Scientific Network, Free Tibet Campaign , British Scociety for Clinical Ecology, United Nations Association and was active in the Campaign Against Sea Dumping. (NB some memberships may have lapsed due to the passage of time)

At present, his most important role is as founder of and contact for the Campaign for an Index of Human Rights in the UN. He is currently (2006) joint International Coordinator for the Green Party England and Wales.


Tel: +44-(0)1934-835140


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