Bills of Health
Bills of Health, 288pp, Radcliffe Medical Press, ISBN 1 85775 101 9

"There is more to health promotion than brown bread and jogging"



Why is it that health professionals world-wide complain that their services are underfunded while their Governments claim that funding is increasing in real terms year on year?

Dr Richard Lawson's new book, BILLS OF HEALTH shows that the British National Health Service (NHS) spends about one fifth of its clinical budget in trying to cure illness caused by unemployment, poverty, bad housing and environmental pollution. The NHS has been falling behind in the race to keep up with deteriorating public health caused by worsening social and environmental conditions.

BILLS OF HEALTH offers treatment as well as diagnosis. It identifies what needs to be done to rectify the causes of ill-health in Western societies, and how this could be achieved through the creation of between one and two million jobs in the UK - which, coincidentally, is approximately equal to the official number of unemployed at present. The jobs are found in what is dubbed the Green Sector of the economy - from housebuilding through pollution control and countryside management to community work and counselling. Work that is socially and environmentally constructive.

BILLS OF HEALTH draws up a balance sheet that shows that not only can we afford to finance this work - but that we cannot afford not to. This closely argued book is of interest to everyone interested in matters of health, politics, economics, employment, and social justice. It is fully referenced, yet written in a way that is accessible to the non-professional.

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