Dr Doc - the Cyberdoc, the site that

  • queries and organises your symptoms

  • gives pointers to self-management of your problem

  • analyses your lifestyle and points to healthy ways of living

  • will (later) help your doctor to understand your problem


 The aim of Dr Dog is to allow any computer literate person to enter relevant health and illness data on a structured interactive form.

This data can

  • pick up important early symptoms of serious diseaserecognise clustering of symptoms which might suggest known conditions
  • suggest ways for you to help to maintain your health, manage minor illness, and assist your doctor in recovering from illness, particularly through environmental nutritional and complementary measures.
  • order and present your symptoms in a way which is helpful for the doctor to get quickly to the heart of the problem

This programme  is intended to complement and help your doctor by supplying the data needed by a doctor  in a systematic way. 

Your doctor has the advantage of being a sentient human being who can pick up subtle non verbal clues from the patient as well as being able to examine, order investigations and think creatively - all things that Dr Dog cannot do. Unfortunately, doctors are human, and will get tired, stressed, pressed and hurried at times.

Dr Dog has the advantage of being able to give unlimited time to your case, asking all the detailed questions that a regular doctor simply does not have time to ask. 

The Author, Dr Richard Lawson, MBBS MRCPsych is a British GP and psychiatrist with 30 years of experience behind him.

We have a beta version up and running now. If you would like to take part in this exciting new venture by being a test user,

go to Dr-doc.com





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