Emergency Outboard Motor Driven Pump



This innovation is offered free ("Open Source") in the hope it may help flood victims and others to clear large volumes of water cheaply and speedily by building a simple wooden frame to hold an outboard motor in place enabling it to send water through a pipe.

It is effective for low heads of water - that is, the end of the discharge pipe may be only a foot or two (less than a metre) above the water level, depending on the size of the motor and the length of the discharge pipe.


The figure below shows a side view of the unit. An outboard motor is seated and clamped to modified outboard motor cradle, which is itself securely fastend down, either to the ground, or in deeper water, to an immovable platform.. Its propellor is submerged to a normal working depth.

It should be placed in the lowest part of the area of land to be cleared of water, optimally in a trench that will allow the propellor to continue to function when the land is only covered by a small puddle of water.

The propellor is enclosed in a cylinder (a rectangular panel should be cut out of the top of the cylinder to allow it to accept the propellor). The cylinder may be fashioned from a saucepan with the bottom cut off. Make sure that the propellor blades are securely clear of the tip of the walls of the cylinder). A discharge pipe is fixed securely to the end of the cylinder. The end of the discharge pipe is led out to a conduit for the water - ditch or drain - which will take the water away from the flooded area. The discharge pipe must be fixed down securely. Start the motor. Keep the running unit under surveillance to ensure that it does not malfunction or dry out.

The next figures show plan and end views.

I hope someone finds this useful. I have made one and trialled it in the local river. It works. Please give me feedback of any experience with this invention by using the contact button on the navigation bar.


(c) Richard Lawson 6th September 2005



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