Like most inventors, I live in hope of a business angel or venture capitalist to come along to fund R+D for the ideas below. If you are reading this, do not hesitate, fill in the Confidentiality Agreement at the bottom of this page and get in touch today . .

However, it is more realistic to assume that patent finance may never come along, and most inventions -some crazy, but also many potentially effective ideas - die a lonely death. I am beginning to release some ideas to anyone who wishes to use them. Chiefly, the Outboard Motor Pump, which is for use in flood clearance, but also the Phoenix Bike Stand (below).


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I am developing a double film, flexible sail, using a Class 5 land yacht as a platform. The Mark I sail (a sailboard sail, on speedwheels base) returned times 7% faster than an identical conventional sail.

Mark 2 was out at Brean Sands last year. The design is simple and light, with a minimum of moving parts. It performs brilliantly in moderate winds, and like a dog in light winds. The failure in light winds is due to the flexible nature of the Class 5 mast. It needs to be applied to a stiff mast, but I need a collaborator - rigger and sailmaker - to work with in order to take it further.

Since the design has effectively been published by sailing openly on Brean bsands, it cannot be patented. I am therefore able to share the design with any seriously interested party free of cost - although acknowledgement would be necessary.

Would anyone be interested in discussing and/or collaborating in the project?


Dr Dog the Cyberdoc

This is work in progress, and the Beta version is upon the web. Unfortunately I cannot get at the web to further the work. We suspect there is a problem at Tiscali, but they are slow in answering calls for help. Maybe this notice will speed them up.

It will enable users to log on, enter their symptoms and medical history, to receive an assesment and self management advice. It will advise when to call the doctor.


The Phoenix bicycle maintenance stand

This developed invention turns your Folding workstand (e.g. the black and Decker Workmate) into a clamp to hold your pushbike steady during maintenance operations.

It involves cannibalising an old bicycle and adapting the pieces to fit onto the workstand. Produces a stand that would cost £400 in the shops. Makes bike maintenance a sheer pleasure.

Take this link to the plans and instructions COST FREE !!


Other ideas available for a development partner


  • Regenerative braking for bike

  • Regenerative braking for car

  • Regenerative braking for trains

  • Amazingly low cost way of sorting rubbish streams in large waste sorting depots.

  • Sophisticated burglar alarm that gives a high probability of catching the burglar

  • Better defence against coastal flooding

  • A device to ration children's TV viewing habits

  • A simple cheap pump

  • A simple cheap power take off point

  • A simple cheap electricity generator that uses low grade heat

  • A better method of cooling computers in offices

  • An offshore combined renewable energy station

  • A shock absorber for a spade or shovel

  • Assisted marine transport to extend range and save fuel

  • An improved exercise bike or rowing machine

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