What the Media Don't Tell You



One of the problems of the official media is that they leave things out. The Web can rectify this.

Truthout is a good place to start. Use their search facility to read the other side to the news stories.

Medialens is a good British site.

The Memory Hole is another place where non-stories (as far as the mainstream media are concerned) are stored, but it is mainly concerned with American stories.

This page will build up references to non-stories especially UK ones, as and when they occur.

Then there's GannonGate. "Ordinarily, revelations that a former male prostitute, using an alias (Jeff Gannon) and working for a phony news organization, was ushered into the White House -- without undergoing a full-blown security background check -- in order to pose softball questions to administration officials would qualify as news by any recent Beltway standard."

We begin with the 2/11 Assault on Democracy by George W Bush.. Whis is of course an American story, but every rule has its exception. (The Guardian did post a piece by Michael Meacher on 2.2.05)

Then, still on the American election, the story of Beorge Bush's debate cheating earpiece was spiked.

The failure of the expert committees to implement an Indian Ocean tsunami warning system has not received the attention it deserves.

Then there is the ability of Tony Blair to pretend that he cares about Global Warming. No commentator picks this one up.

Hmmm...what else? Anyone ever heard of GATS? The General Agreement on Trashing Services? No? Thought not. How would you if it never makes it into the papers? It only means the Thatcherisation of the planet, after all.

And there's the story about how the US Army forgot to put a guard on Saddam Hussein's armoury, so that the insurgents looted the whole lot. It did surface as a one day wonder, but almost no commentators picked it up. Here's one that survived.

What else? Ah yes - Operation Iraqi Liberation. All it took was for Bliar to say that the oil motive was a conspiracy theory and no more was heard about the matter.

And while on the sticky subject of oil, how many readers know about Peak Oil? Mismatch between oil supply and demand? Funny nobody mentions it. They tell us what the FTSE and Wall St are doing every day. Think they'd be interested...

While on the subject of Iraq (when will we ever get off it?) just try Googling

April Glaspie Saddam Hussein

and see what you learn...


This is just a start. If you have a non-story that you think should be up here, hit the Contact button on the green navigation bar.

remember -

Don't let them fool you all the time.

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