Plans for building a frame that will fit onto a Black and Decker "Workmate" (or similar vice/table) to hold a bicycle during repair and maintenance.

1. Go to the local river or dump and haul away one discarded bicycle.

2. Cut out the parts shown red in Fig 1 (only one of the rear forks is needed). You will need about 6 cm of the front forks.

3. If not already rusted solid, drill a hole in the head tube at (a) and insert a screw to prevent the front forks from turning.

4. Insert seat stem (b) into downtube (c) to make it long enough. Form a conical wood plug to go in end of seat stem. This plug will bed into one of the holes on the Workmate

5. Bend the tab (d) on the rear fork by about 15*

6. Drill a hole into the down tube at (e) to allow the rear fork to be bolted on (you have to work out yourself where to put it).

7. Hammer flat the cut ends of the rear forks, and bend the tips forward. These flattened ends will be gripped by the Workmate jaws to ensure stability.

8. Take two pieces of wood (approximately 2cm x 3cm x 6cm) and cut a semicircular groove in each of a size suitable to hold the crossbar of your bicycle. Fix them to the front fork assembly with a bolt and wing nut (f). (see Fig 2)

9. Bolt the rear fork to the cross tube.

10. Place the assembled Phoenix stand on your Workmate. Insert the conical wooden plug in one of the holes in the deck. Grip the flattened ends of erstwhile the rear fork in the jaws of the Workmate. Loosen the wooden clamp and place the crossbar of your bike in the clamp. Tighten the wing nut. Make sure the unit is stable (relocate the bolt hole (e) to adjust the balance.

11. Have a nice cup of tea and show your loved ones what you have made.

12. Maintain, oil and clean your bicycle in a spirit of quiet satisfaction.


Fig 2

Side view of finished article

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