Interesting Times: alternative commentary on politics and life



Index of Governance/Human Rights - curbing oppressive regimes without bloodshed

Financial reforms wiki - discussing necessary financial reforms

Desert Rose Project - Reforesting the world's deserts from the coast

What must Governments do to Stop Global Warming? - programme of action

Green Wage Subsidy - powering ourselves out of recession

Green Economics - going beyond David Cameron's bike and briefcase

Trafigura's Toxic Dump: testing cause and effect - designing a trial of injury

Preparing for Avian (and common) Flu - what we can do to minimise the spread

Is Nuclear Power the answer to Global Warming? (er - no)

Mabinogogiblog - my blog - the scratchings of a writer who values brevity in a world of information overload.

What the Newspapers Don't Tell You (quite a lot of the more interesting stuff)


Terrorism - cause and cure

Votergate - USA election 2/11/2004 - was fraud involved?

Politics and Political Essays - Current issues and Green politics

The Air Freshener story - Odorants can make you ill

Poetry - er, poems

Short Stories - Goings-on in the lost "civilisation" of Stupi

Inventions - From an aerofoil sail prototype to a way of getting kids away from the TV

Bills of Health - Book on how to save 20% of the National Health Service budget through political and economic reforms.

Medical writing - writing about medical topics, including the North Somerset PCT Problem

Dr Doc - computerised medical consultation (currently off-line)


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