Political Files

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Global Human Rights Index - preventing oppression and "humanitarian" wars

Correspondence with HMG on Climate Change

The Water Project to bring peace to IsraelPalestine

Terrorism - cause and cure

Votergate: the 2/11 attack on democracy
- vote rigging in America

Just how democratic are western democracies?
- a critique

Isn't politics a complete waste of time? - (why bother to vote?)

Logic and nuclear weapons

The Evidence for Global Warming

Energy Review - giving advice ot the Tories

Healing the planet
- a new look at carbon sinks

Is Nuclear Power the answer to Global Warming? - (er, no)

Treating Paedophilia

Medical writing

Forget Gun Control - go for the ammo

Rail Transport: Virgin on the Ridiculous

On George Bush
The War on Iraq
His bedtime Bible reading
Thou Shalt obey the Whole of the Law
His political acts
Non-violent ways of defeating terrorism




Green Policies in a Nutshell
Green Party Autumn Conference 2004 - Speech "Welcome to Weston super Mare"
The 2001 Foot and Mouth disease campaign

Campaign Against Sea Dumping
The Health Effects of Geneticaly Modified Organisms
MMR and Autism - Can we trust the Government?
Litter - our cultural heritage
Funding the NHS - what is the problem?
Limiting the adverse health effects of environmental chemicals
Non-violent ways of defeating terrorism

Green Living -what the individual can do to help the environment
Litter - our cultural heritage


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